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  • Legal protection insurance

    Our legal protection insurance

    Being in the right does not automatically mean obtaining justice!

    Extensive areas of our life today are governed by rules and regulations. Disputes with employers, tradesmen, people involved in an accident claiming damages (possibly even abroad) or landlords cost time and require a good legal adviser and representative. Being in the right (or obtaining justice) can therefore be quite expensive!

    GRAWE RECHT, the legal expenses insurance of Grazer Wechselseitige Versicherung safeguards your legal interests and assumes the following costs or fees incurred in the proper legal proceedings through all instances up to the insured amount, for:

    • attorneys or notaries
    • court
    • witnesses
    • experts who are ordered by the court
    • the opposing party, provided the insured party is obliged to settle these costs
    • travel expenses to foreign courts

    GRAWE RECHT is offered in varying forms for the private, business and industrial sector. You can find more information in German here.