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  • Operational cover

    GRAWE BETRIEB, the security package for your company

    Managing a company responsibly today is a trapeze act between razor-sharp calculations and providing the highest degree of security for companies and employees. Increasing competition and innovation pressure place demands on the entire economy. This is where one needs a strong partner, whose knowledge of the industry can be exploited for joint success.

    The Grazer Wechselseitige Versicherung offers you tailor-made insurance technology and personal knowledge of the trade to protect your company and your employees.

    You can find more information in German here.


    GRAWE BETRIEB specifically offers the following benefit components:

    • Fire insurance
    • Storm insurance
    • Tap water insurance
    • Glass insurance
    • Computer and technology insurance
    • Burglary insurance
    • Interruption of operation insurance
    • Accident insurance
    • Comprehensive general liability insurance
    • Transport lump sum insurance



    GRAWE BETRIEBSVORSORGE in addition to GRAWE BETRIEB offers the right instrument for all forms of operational provisions:

    • Provision for employees: Future security according to EStG Section 3(1) Z15a (Income Tax Law)
    • GRAWE SWITCH: Salary conversion according to EStG Section 3(1) Z15a (Income Tax Law)
    • Severance indemnity provision
    • Company pension
    • Operational group insurance
    • Partner and management insurance