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GRAWE Impressum

Responsible for content

Grazer Wechselseitige Versicherung Aktiengesellschaft

Generaldirektion Graz

Herrengasse 18-20

8010 Graz

Telefon: 0316/8037 - 6222

Fax: 0316/8037 - 6490



Mag. (FH) Karin Taferner-Bauer

Head of Corporate Communication and Marketing


Mag. (FH) David Kumpusch, M.A.

Corporate Communication and Marketing



Portal management

Mag. Wilhelm Korpar

IT Services department



Information according to E-Commerce Law

Commercial Register number and Commercial Court: 37748m Provincial and Commercial Court Graz

Competent supervisory authority: Financial Market Authority (FMA)

Membership of a Chamber or other institutions: Chamber of Commerce, Austrian Insurance Association

Turnover tax I.D. number: ATU37006609



Business objective

(1) The company operates a direct insurance business in the branches of insurance according to the insurance supervisory authority.

(2) Furthermore, the company carries out reinsurance in all insurance branches. .

(3) Furthermore, the company's business objective is

a)  the participation in other companies, taking over the management for other companies and the asset management, with the exception of banking transactions;

b) the activities of an insurance broker;

c) the activities of a consultant in insurance matters;

d) the procurement of mortgage loans and personal loans as well as the procurement of the acquisition and sale of securities, as far as these activities are related to and arise out of the conclusion and the procurement of insurance policies;

e) the procurement of contracts of any kind, in particular for insurance, loans, credit, leasing and building loans.

f) Services in automatic data processing and information technology as well as taking over own and third party information for automatic recording, storage and evaluation; this is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the data protection law.

g) the creation and management of organisational facilities, which serve insurance companies and other companies, who have concluded a cooperation agreement with the company as well as all companies with whom an affiliation exists;

h)  the execution of administrative duties for companies with whom the company is associated in a group;

i) real estate management.



Gender-neutral formulation

In certain texts we have waived a gender-neutral formulation for reasons of legibility. However, in all cases, both genders are addressed according to equal treatment.


Online Dispute Resolution

If you have a problem with an insurance contract that has been taken out online, the European Commission provides you with a platform for online dispute resolution (ODR) which you can find here: finden.

i.e. vehicle insurance, consultant