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The GRAWE Group - grown strength

A lot has happened since the Grazer Wechselseitige was founded in 1828. A multilateral, international company which unites insurance companies, banks and real estate under its umbrella has developed from the initial fire insurance company.   

Thirteen Central and East European insurance company subsidiaries reflect the company's international orientation. These are in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Hungary, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldavia, Macedonia and in the Kosovo. In addition to their relevant head offices, they also have an expanded network of customer care centres.

You will find additional information on the group and its subsidiaries in the menu item "Group Structure".

The following points represent our day-to-day services and form the basis of our success.


"Reliable insurance cover for all" was Archduke Johann's motto when he founded the Grazer Wechselseitige in 1828. Since then, a multilateral, international company which unites insurance companies, banks and real estate under its umbrella, has developed from the initial fire insurance company. The GRAWE Group – that is grown strength.


The combination of a healthy economic base and GRAWE's history, steeped with tradition, forms a stable foundation for the company's 4,500 employees, who jointly represent GRAWE's pool of knowledge and competences and guarantee the highest level of benefit to our customers.


Far reaching - and close-knit - this accurately describes GRAWE's philosophy. As Austria's sixth largest insurance group, with branches in more than 13 Central and East European countries, we unite countries and people, banks and insurance companies into a dense network. Regional requirements and peculiarities are provided for equally within this network as global financial services.


The best measure for customer satisfaction is recommendation. And, because life has many beautiful sides to it, GRAWE can certainly be proud to have won the "Recommender Award" six times in the past eight years - an award which is given exclusively on the basis of recommendations by satisfied customers.


Where development potential is utilized and promoted, the future becomes a positive challenge. If you always want to be up-to-date, you need to look forward, open up perspectives and act at the right time. Under these conditions, the future and optimism merge to create a dynamic and simultaneously stable whole.